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Beginners Chen Tai Chi

Beginners Chen Tai Chi

Learn the beginners Chen Tai Chi form via video on demand. The Chen Tai Chi 5 elements and 4 corners form consists of 6 movements to start your Tai Chi journey.  Learn the signature movements in Chen Tai Chi, from silk reeling energy, to the body method and principles of alignment. This six part video series is available to buy on Vimeo. Each video takes you step by step through the choreography with multiple view points from our virtual studio.  Give momentum to your home practice and learn online with instructor Nicola of Earth Balance Tai Chi.  Watch the trailer below:

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The Chen 5 Elements form covers the first five movements of the "Old Frame First Routine" form (Laojia Yi Lu). This beginners form contains the signature movements and is performed at the beginning of every Chen Tai Chi form. The Chen 5 Elements form can be joined together with a transition movement to create the Chen 4 Corners form.

The course duration totals 5 hours 9 minutes plus two performance videos.  You can watch the videos on any device through Vimeo whether mobile or PC desktop. Available in High Definition 1080p. Please note a good connection to the internet is needed to view the videos.

Chen Tai Chi 5 Elements Form

Move 1. Preparing Form (47 mins)

- The transition from the outside world into body awareness.
- Settling the mind down to the lower Dantian.
- Side stepping.
- Kua squat.
- Co-ordinating the arms with the kua squat.

Move 2. Buddha’s Warrior Attendant Pound's Mortar (1 hour 9 mins)

- Stabilise the knees.
- Moving the arms in unison governed by the waist.
- Peng lu silk reeling drill.
- Balance and stability to stand on one leg.
- Hip and pelvis alignment.
- Forwards bow stance step.
- Empty step.
- Pound mortar stomp.

Move 3. Lazy about Tying Coat (1 hour 19 mins)

- Continuity in movement: different speeds of arms movements with different choreography.
- Side bow stance.
- Stabilising the knees.
- Silk reeling lower body motion.
- Foot pivoting.

Move 4. Six Sealings and Four Closings (43 mins)

- The 4 direct martial applications: peng, lu, ji, an.
- Silk reeling drill: peng, lu, ji, an.
- Stabilising the knees.
- Silk reeling lower body motion.
- Empty step.

Move 5. Single Whip (1 hour 1 min)

- Hook palm.
- Equal and opposing strength in application.
- Side bow stance step.
- Horse stance.
- Silk reeling lower body motion.
- Foot pivoting.
- Settling.

Chen Tai Chi 4 Corners Form

Move 6. Transition to 4 Corners (10 mins)

- Peng lu silk reeling drill.
- Change direction.
- The form as a continuous loop.
- Formal closing.

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