Importance of Silk Reeling

Silk reeling is at the centre of Chen style Tai Chi training, helping the student to develop strength, internal energy, co-ordination, body awareness, unity in movement, relaxation and grounding. Also known as Chan Si Jin; Chan (pulling), Si (silk) and … Read More

Laojia Yi Lu Video

Laojia Yi Lu Video Sharing with you youtube clip resources of the Chen style Tai Chi long form, Laojia Yi Lu (74 steps) following the form by Grand Master Chen Zhenglei. Read over the movement names here. Grand Master Chen … Read More

Chen 18 Form Resources

For our students, here are recommended Chen Tai Chi 18 Form clips and drills on youtube, also click here to read the movement names. Grand Master Chen Zhenglei   Grand Master Chen Zhenglei – Rear Orientation   Grand Master Chen … Read More

Learn Reiki with Sarah

Learn Reiki with Sarah Have you ever wondered how Qi is used to heal physical and emotional pain? Why not learn the ancient art of Japanese reiki healing as a complementary aid to you healthcare regime. Sarah has been teaching … Read More

Chen Xiaowang Wins Award

Chen Xiaowang Wins Award Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang has won an award in China for promoting Chinese culture across the world.  “During the award ceremony, Grandmaster Chen was asked why he promotes Tai Chi. He replied that Tai Chi helps Qi … Read More