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Winter Solstice Livestream

Winter Solstice Taoist Meditation Gathering

Winter Solstice Livestream

Online Taoist Meditation Workshop 2022

Wednesday 21 December at 6pm UK time zone

Join our virtual winter solstice gathering for a nourishing dose of seated breath work, relaxation and Taoist meditation. In the Chinese calendar this is the time of absolute yin, known as Dong Zhi, with the shortest day and the longest night in the year. At the winter solstice the sun moves to the most southerly position of -23.5 degrees. It is a time of rebirth, where the days after begin to slowly lighten as we move forward into the winter season. In Chinese culture Dong Zhi is a time for festivities, family gatherings and a time for the farmers to prepare food for the upcoming cold winter weather.  As the winter solstice is the turning point, when the shortest day is left behind, this is seen as a time for optimism and celebration.

All our welcome to join this evening session, from young to old. The session will be seated or lying down if preferred. Instructor Nicola will guide you through the techniques via Zoom livestream to foster relaxation and calm using ancient Taoist practices. Dip into a variety of breathing and meditation methods, designed to leave you feeling less stressed, more grounded and with physical ease. The livestream recording will be available to watch on catch up for one month on Vimeo.

Time: 6pm - 7.45pm GMT.

Music by HarumachiMusic from Pixabay

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