Living with EDS

Live with EDS / Ehlers Danlos Syndrome My Story by Tai Chi Instructor Nicola During May 2014 it is Ehlers Danlos awareness month. I have written my account of living with EDS and wanted to share this with you all. … Read More

Living Well With Chronic Fatigue

Living Well With Chronic Fatigue Living with pain and fatigue, I cannot now remember a day without either. As a Tai Chi and Qigong instructor, who also lives with chronic fatigue, this article aims to make the invisible visible. Raw … Read More

Recommending Homeopathy Healing

Recommending Homeopathy Healing Introducing Eileen As an advocate for natural health, I would like to share with you my experience and recommendation of Dublin based Homeopath, Eileen Scullion of Homeopathy Healing.  Eileen also provides online/SKYPE consultations that are available globally.  … Read More