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Chronic Health Tai Chi Livestream

Chronic Health Tai Chi Livestream

Online Group Class UK

Join our Tai Chi, Qigong and meditation online class for relaxation and health. Open to all abilities, the lessons include seated and standing movements, guiding you through gentle tension relief, physical relaxation and meditation techniques. Anyone can join in, whether living with chronic illness, chronic pain and chronic fatigue, or for those wanting to calm the mind and release the body. Learn with instructor Nicola from her 'Hibernating Bear' syllabus. Designed to help improve your quality of life through mindful movement, breath work and relaxation exercises. The antidote to the boom and bust cycle!  Nourish your mind and body in a relaxing and adaptable class. Join instructor Nicola's online community and take a positive step towards your personal health.  Instructor Nicola teaches from her home to yours, and the classes are designed for small spaces with pets most welcome!


The classes will include:

  • Seated presentation and discussion on supporting health holistically.
  • Seated or standing loosening exercises.
  • Seated breathing practices.
  • Standing breath practices.
  • Seated Tai Chi and Qi Gong movements.
  • Standing Tai Chi and Qi Gong movements.
  • Seated or lying down meditation and relaxation techniques.

Read more about what to expect in class, from Nicola's resource page 'self managing chronic pain'.  Each lesson will draw from one of the themes. It is also worth reading the article on what to expect when you start training Tai Chi and Qigong, located here.

Medical History

As with all medical conditions, injuries and/or ill-health, please consult with your Doctor prior to starting a class. Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation are not a replacement for conventional medical treatment. Please advise instructor Nicola prior to class of any medical conditions, injuries and/or ill-health that may prevent you from safely taking part.

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