Psoas Muscle in Tai Chi

Psoas Muscle in Tai Chi The psoas (pronounced so-az) muscle isn’t well known and yet plays a huge role in our bodies. It is the deepest muscle in the body and unlike most other muscles it lays buried.  This muscle … Read More

Winter Solstice Qi Gong

Winter Solstice Qi Gong Join us this winter solstice for an evening of Qi Gong.  This is an international event shared with the students of Long Island Tai Chi in New York with instructor Teresa White. Teresa has run many … Read More

Recommending Homeopathy Healing

Recommending Homeopathy Healing Introducing Eileen Scullion As an advocate for natural health, I would like to share with you my experience and recommendation of Dublin based Homeopath, Eileen Scullion of Homeopathy Healing.  Eileen also provides online/SKYPE consultations that are available … Read More

Tai Chi for Better Health

Tai Chi for Better Health Tai chi itself does not heal, it’s a method of slow movement that uses aligned body mechanics, applied relaxation and body awareness to help the functions of the body to work better. There are many … Read More