Tai Chi Online Classes UK

Tai Chi Online Classes UK

Learn Tai Chi and Qigong from the comfort of your own home in our group livestream and private tuition online classes with instructor Nicola.  Teaching Chen style Tai Chi and health Qigong via Zoom from her home to yours. Join our virtual classroom and learn traditional whole body movements via modern technology.  Instructor Nicola has been teaching classes online since 2016 and makes the best out of the virtual learning environment. Here, at Earth Balance Tai Chi we offer both private online tuition and group online tuition. We are based in the UK and operate on either GMT or BST time zones with online lessons being available globally.

What type of Tai Chi learner are you?

For those students who enjoy being in a class with mixed levels, with weekly sessions where the syllabus covers a broad range of traditional Tai Chi and Qigong practices then look into our foundation group livestream classes. These lessons are designed to give momentum, to help you reach towards a regular practice habit. Follow along with instructor Nicola via web camera where the movements and small routines are designed to be performed in a small space. For students who prefer structured progression, look out for our form group livestream classes. These classes teach the Tai Chi form or Qigong routines from beginning to completion over a set number of weeks with structured learning and progression.

Group Live Zoom Classes

The live stream classes are available in two options. The YANG subscription includes access to 12 live stream classes with interactive guidance via web cam, and also 4 video premiere classes per month. The video recordings of each class are available on demand via Vimeo. There is also access to our student private network group for peer and teach support in between classes. The YIN subscription is a more affordable option with access to the video recordings and the networking group.

Private Zoom Classes

What type of learner are you?

For personalised Tai Chi, Qigong and Taoist meditation tuition where the lessons are designed for your level, your health baseline and your needs, whilst covering what you want to learn, at a frequency, format and pace that suits you, then sign up for online private tuition for one to one attention.  The majority of your training will be self led learning outside of the small web camera view. This is for students who like to be active in their own learning and are dedicated to traditional training. In online private tuition you will be provided with resources, web links, videos and ongoing personal support from instructor Nicola.