Earth Balance Tai Chi



World Tai Chi Day at Horsham Park.New Beginner Chen Style Tai Chi

This course is open to beginners with little or no experience of Tai Chi.  Starting on Tuesday 19 May at 5.45pm in Horsham, covering section one of the Foundations Form.  All are welcome, no matter age, fitness level or physical condition. Learn a new skill, have fun and improve your health.

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Daogong Workshops with Master Joe Lok

Coming to Horsham in June 2015, a series of two evening workshops with Master Joe Lok, covering the Phoenix Alchemy Qigong. Open to everyone, no experience necessary.  Thursday 11 and 18 June from 6.30pm – 9.30pm.  Train and learn qigong for holistic health directly with Master Joe Lok, not to be missed!

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Tai Chi for Sports Injury Rehab

Our next workshop looks at using Tai Chi and Qigong as an effective method to aid recovery from injury using the unique coiling, expanding and compressing movements signature to Tai Chi.  If you have experienced a sports injury and have permission from your doctor, join us for a morning of powerful, non-impact movements.

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