Skype Lessons

Learn Chen Tai Chi and Qigong Online

For students who prefer to learn Chen Tai Chi, Qigong and Taoist meditation in their own home, view over our options below for live online lessons via Skype or Zoom with instructor Nicola.  Join our virtual classroom and learn ancient movements using modern technology.  Nicola offers both private online tuition and group online tuition. We are based in the UK and operate on either GMT or BST time zones. Lessons are available globally.

Learn in Live Online Private Tuition via Zoom

Instructor Nicola offers two types of online private tuition. Whether you wish to focus on loosening and relaxing the mind and body, or strength and conditioning training, instructor Nicola will accommodate your needs. Read more about Nicola's approach to teaching, called the 'Anti Guru'.

  • Learn Chen Tai Chi Online:  Instructor Nicola studies and teaches the forms of Grand Master Chen Zhenglei. Study silk reeling energy, foundation movements, Chen 5 elements, Chen 18 form and Chen 74 form. Wait list - Contact Nicola
  • Learn Qigong Online: For health and wellness, learn from a range of Qigong routines: 8 pieces of brocade, 5 animals qigong, eight energy circle walking and earth qigong for women. Wait list - Contact Nicola
  • Learn Meditation Online: From simple breathing meditation to Taoist meditation practices, find a stillness practice that nourishes the mind. Classes open 

1. Live-Stream

These private tuition classes are interactive, using internet live-streaming via Zoom. We engage as if we were together in person. Read over one of our student testimonials of training private tuition from the comfort of their own home here. In this type of lesson, the pace and content is guided by you. The lesson will be a mixture of instruction, observation, method and principle, flow and choreography, covering many aspects of the Qigong and Chen Tai Chi learning process.

2. Distance Learning via Videos

This private tuition lesson format is for students who live in a time-zone that is outside of our UK schedule. You will learn remotely, via personalised videos uploaded to the Tai Chi cloud. You will be the type of person who enjoys working from a range of resources, is engaged in the learning process, is self led in your practice and happy videoing your progression.

Online Private Tuition Testimonials

"Nicola is hands down the best Tai Chi instructor I have studied with in my 27 years of practice. Her wealth of knowledge is quite vast, her compassion and caring go on even further. Nicola doesn't just show you the gross moves she explains all the principles and makes sure they are all being implemented in your practice. Also positive constructive criticism aimed at helping you advance. She has said to me more than once that my abilities will surpass her someday, something you never hear from other teachers, their ego gets in the way. Her ability to make adjustments and tweak things over Zoom is unparalleled. I hope she never runs out of things to teach me."

Group Live-Stream

Our live-stream groups classes are currently on hold. Subscribe to the newsletter below for the latest school news.

Our online group classes are 'casual study', covering a variety of Chen Tai Chi and health Qigong movements.  You can dip in and out of the classes when suits, as each week is a stand-alone lesson.

The theme of a lesson covers the various different layers of learning Tai Chi and Qigong and a detailed look at natural health and wellbeing through movement; learning about the stress response, spiralling the limbs, detoxing through movement, aligning your spine, strengthening through motion, working with baselines, grounding and rooting, understanding pain, the mind body connection, flushing the joints, improving the breath, to protecting the knees, and the meaning of whole body movement etc. Within the theme, we will practice two to three Tai Chi and/or Qigong movements, with the aim to energise, strengthen and rejuvenate.

These classes are designed for small spaces and pets are welcome! Instructor Nicola teaches from her lounge, usually with her dog snoozing in the background. You will not need to move around more than one or two steps in any direction.

If you think Tai Chi and Qigong are fluffy and easy, think again. We teach the Classical Chinese arts, you can expect to work hard and to learn by method rather than mimic. It's like giving yourself a good deep tissue massage and a session of acupuncture, all through dynamic mindful movements.

All of the movements are shown standing up. You can adapt these to sitting if you wish. The class is open to all levels of students, everyone welcome, no matter age or fitness level. We all meet at the beginning with webcams and microphones on for an informal hello and welcome, when the lesson starts all are switched off apart from Nicola. The class is open to questions and comments at any time.

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Student Testimonial, June 2020

"Nicola was the teacher who introduced me to Qigong & Tai Chi 4 years ago when she lived in Horsham. During lockdown I have discovered her weekly live stream online classes. Nicola is an excellent teacher with a very relaxed, informal, friendly style but she pays a lot of attention to detail & has a very extensive knowledge of Qigong & Tai Chi & the effects on the body. I highly recommend her weekly live stream online classes."