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Womens Qigong Video Series

Womens Qigong Video Series

A Traditional Chinese medical Qigong routine to nourish the needs of a women’s unique anatomy. Follow along with our 12 part / 15 hour video on demand series on Vimeo, where you will learn the complete Earth Qigong for Women routine. The focus is on generating female energy through a series of gentle, conscious, enjoyable, and easy to do movements. Qigong for women can be an effective part of self care, aiding pelvic and reproductive health for women at any age throughout the menstruation / menopause cycle.  It can help to balance the emotions, increase relaxation, whilst promoting general health and wellbeing. Open to new beginners, develop the principles of Qigong movement, with an aligned posture, body awareness and regulated breath work

Qigong for Women Routine

  1. Concentrated Mind - Breath work practices and standing practice (Zhan Zhuang)
  2. Big Dipper Warm Up Routine - Loosening the 7 major joints in the body
  3. Deer Walk One - Strengthening the kidneys, bladder and reproductive system
  4. Deer Walk Two - Strengthening the kidneys, bladder and reproductive system
  5. Sun Moon Stars - Strengthening the digestive system, heart and lungs
  6. Crane Dance - Strengthening the kidneys, bladder and reproductive system
  7. Earth Energy - Strengthening female energy and pelvic area
  8. Dragon and Phoenix - Strengthening the liver and lower abdomen
  9. Spirit of Vitality - Strengthening the heart and supporting spiritual wellbeing

Earth Qigong for Women Video Course

  • Cost: £55 .
  • Course Duration: 12 lessons.
  • Each Lesson: 1 hour 15 minutes.
  • Total Duration: 15 hours of tuition.
  • Platform: Vimeo video on demand.
  • Quality: HD 1080p.
  • Recordings: From our 2023 livestream on Zoom.
  • Purchase: Via Etsy.


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