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Recommending Wild Geese Martial Arts

Recommending Wild Geese Martial Arts

Introducing Dave Hedges from Wild Geese Martial Arts and WG-Fit in Dublin City Centre.

Dave helped me through a time in my life when I was going through a health deconstruction and reconstruction. In my early 30's, around 2008 unknown to me I was heading into the world of chronic and degenerative health, with what I now know as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I was a very active woman, I enjoyed a variety of sports from triathlon training to weight lifting. I tore my hamstring whilst running, and that was my change point. My physical health and subsequent mental health started to unravel from there. I have written about life with EDS in this article, which describes my time-line and how I manage today.

Dave helped me as a personal trainer to pivot away from triathlon training, into other sports that may suit my new physical baseline. Except my new physical baseline kept changing, and I went through trial and error, trying to find something I could throw myself into, to continue my love of movement. To stop triathlon training, and then to have to stop the other avenues I was exploring due to my degenerating physical baseline, had a massive effect on my mental health. I lost my identity and passion, and looking back that was the hardest aspect to overcome. Sporty to sedentary, pain and fatigue was not me!  My whole life changed and was never to be the same again. The only thing I had left was my Tai Chi and Qigong practice.

Dave and Paul's studio in Dublin was my sanctuary. I don't think Dave ever realised how much he supported me during that time. I am forever grateful for the variety of training he passed on, from martial arts, body weight, kettlebells, Indian clubs, strength and conditioning, flexibility and mobility training in the park, to qigong and weight lifting. I am also forever grateful for him as a person, his no nonsense straight talking, his expertise, passion for movement and humour. He taught me movement is medicine and motion is lotion. I still train the way Dave taught me and talk to my students about what he taught me, and of course refer them to his youtube channel. Some people leave a massive imprint on your life, and Dave is one of them. So thank you! Thank you for helping me deconstruct and reconstruct to where I am today. Thank you for imparting your knowledge without the usual red tape, ego and superiority. Thank you for taking the time.

Dave and Paul have a team of down to earth instructors, where training is the focus, so be prepared to work hard whilst enjoying every minute. For anyone that wants to train with Dave, he offers online personal training, so whether recovering from injury or training for performance, visit www.wg-fit.com.

" Wild Geese - every cause but our own"

– Dave Hedges, Wild Geese Founder

“Wild Geese isn’t a style, it’s not a system, it’s an attitude”

– Paul Cox, Wild Geese Founder

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