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ReMap Pain Management

ReMap Pain Movement Course

ReMap Pain Management

Movement and Stillness for Health and Wellbeing

March - June 2019

The Independent Arts charity launched a new project entitled ‘ReMap’ on 20th March in conjunction with the chronic Pain clinic to see how Tai Chi and Qigong aided life with chronic pain. This project is designed to help people manage their chronic pain through gentle movements and mindfulness.

I am excited to be the facilitator for this course, passing on movement and stillness methods to those who live with chronic pain. This is a fantastic opportunity to explore natural methods to aid the symptoms and impact on their lives. Over the 12 week duration, the students will learn a variety of movements that introduce them to a natural method of pain management. With the aim that they can take away some exercises and techniques to use at home. They will also be introduced to stillness relaxation and mindfulness methods to combat the psychological aspects of living with chronic pain.

The practices of Tai Chi and Qigong are gentle ways to approach exercise when living with chronic pain. The movements can be adapted to the ebb and flow of each student's health baseline. The students will learn and explore what makes these movements both powerful and relaxing. They will learn how to adjust their posture to be of benefit to physiological health. They will explore the difference between good and bad pain so they can exercise in a healthy and appropriate way. They will also learn about pain as an observation tool and how to pace/manage fatigue.

No matter of physical ability or mobility these classes are open to all.

Details: Course completed 2019.

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