Chen 18 Form Resources

For our students, here are recommended Chen Tai Chi 18 Form clips and drills on youtube, also click here to read the movement names.

Grand Master Chen Zhenglei


Grand Master Chen Zhenglei – Rear Orientation


Grand Master Chen Zhenglei – Mirrored


Grand Master Chen Zhenglei  – With Breathing


Master Wang Hai Jun


Master Chen Huixian

Master Wang Hai Jun – Chen Heel Kick Drills


Master Wang Hai Jun – Instruction on Diagonal Posture


Sam Sun – Waist Involvement in Single Whip


Sam Sun – Stepping the Leg Out


Instructor ‘Shawn’ (Baek Sang-heon) Basic principles of Chen-style Taiji Fajin – Hidden Thrust Punch


Master Wang Hai Jun – Holding up the Knee & Yi Lu Applications


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